來自加拿大的 Matt 是樂加的好朋友, 因為經常來吃他認為道地的牛肉堡而熟識. 他自費在高雄拍了一部電影名叫《玻璃箱》: 探討兩名同樣23歲花樣年華–來自北美的Kelly, 與旗津在地女孩Yin-May, 省思人生、文化交流的生命經驗.

因經費籌措困難, 且未申請高雄電影輔導金, 停停拍拍, 終於要在五月下旬殺青(最近他來用餐說, 他希望能如期完工). 這部片子完成後, 除了將在國內院線上映外, 並將遠赴加拿大參加影展. 因為結交了許多高雄好朋友(當然也包括樂加, 哈哈! ), 並且認為高雄近年變化目不睱給、風光明媚, 所以選在高雄拍攝.

每次聽他描述對高雄的喜愛, 都讓人強強要流出第一滴淚 (現在好像比較難聽到高雄人大聲說 : 我愛高雄). 在此連結他的網站, 希望識與不識者皆能繼續關注他的片子, 同時也表達樂加對於 Matt 愛高雄的感謝, 以及樂加一貫支持關懷高雄藝文活動的小小心意.


About the film

As the world shrinks and our population mix increases there will be a greater need for inter-cultural understanding and acceptance. The film has a strong social relevance in that cultures can be so different from one another. Yet we are all human beings that share the same hopes and dreams, the same worries and sorrows, and the need for love and understanding. These are the common threads that bind us together as one family in one world. This is the main message in The Glass Box. The Glass Box is a short fictional film based on the lives of two young women in Taiwan. Claudia is a twenty-three year old North American who has reluctantly come to Asia with her boyfriend to teach English at a cram school. Yin-May, also twenty-three, was born and raised in Taiwan by her father in a fishing community on the island of Chijin. It is a genuine and unique story comparing and contrasting two people from different cultures in an unusual set of circumstances. The story takes place in the booming metropolis of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second largest city. Relatively unknown to the western world, Kaohsiung holds one of the world’s largest container ports and has seen extraordinary development over the past ten years. Kaohsiung is truly a remarkable city, where old meets new. It is entrenched with various textures and gems distinct to the Asian world. With the rise of China and the controversy over Taiwan, The Glass Box is a film that will attract audiences in Asia as well as in North America. The Glass Box allows viewers a peek into a very interesting and diverse culture, while juxtaposing the thoughts and feelings of a North American living in a foreign land.

–by Writer/Director: Matt Finlin